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Harvey - Zombie Easter Bunny Target

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Originally, the Corrosive Labs Reanimation Technologies and PsyOps Warfare divisions had high hopes for a hybrid werewolf construct for use in small faction covert operations. Before the final trigger was pulled however, the Corrosive Labs Financial Compliance department decided that although the werewolves were likely to be impressive from a tactical perspective, they were awful costly. Always looking at the bottom line, the Financial Compliance department (with oversight pervue of all Corrosive Labs projects) elected to reduce overall operating expenditures by substituting the originally planned werewolves with zombie man-bunnies. The rationale from the Financial Compliance department was as follows:
"Werewolves require pants... Zombie man-bunnies do not. In order to adhere to our department's fiscal responsibility guidelines, we must, in every case we can, utilize a lower cost alternative to accomplish that which a higher cost alternative was designed, so long as the expected end-result is not adversely affected. Since both werewolves and zombie man-bunnies are both 1) bipedal, 2) have claws, 3) have sharp teeth, 4) are hairy, and 5) look really, really scary, we have no choice but to insist that all current projects involving werewolves (so long as they require pants) be replaced with zombie-man bunnies (no pants required)."
Much love and big ups,
- The Financial Compliance Department
So there you have it. Anyone want to invade a small nation or evil corporate office with an army of zombie man-bunnies? If so, please inquire within.
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