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Shamus - Evil Leprechaun Target

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Shamus, being a leprechaun after all, has historically been in the business of tempting people to chase rainbows in hopes of finding his treasured pot o' gold. Unfortunately for Shamus however, the people of Ireland eventually caught on to his ploy and quit chasing rainbows, eventually resulting in an unacceptable reduction in clientele. Shortly after the potato famine of 1845, Shamus emigrated from Ireland to the United States. Freshly deposited in the U.S., Shamus was able to reinvigorate his standings as a mythical elitist and enjoyed more than a century of intigrating his unique style of mahem amongst the residents of his newly found home. Once again, unfortunately for Shamus, after his relocation to California in the early 2000's, Shamus's trade was (along with many others) an unfortunate casualty of the early century U.S. recession. Shamus quickly filed for (and was granted) up to 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Nearing his 99 week limit however, Shamus realized he was going to have to get off of the unemployment wagon, buckle down and find himself a job. Given his unique skillset and lack of a broad spectrum of marketable skills, Shamus found few employment opportunities. In a strok of good ol' Irish luck, Shamus was put in touch with Corrosive Labs, Inc. whose human resources department found a temporary position within their Transit Screening Agency (TSA) to assist with increased holiday traffic.
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